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Happy Dussehra Images Pictures 2016: The nine day festival of Navratri is still going on and the 10th day will be celebrated as happy Dusshera images. It’s not concealed to particular a place but this auspicious day is celebrated all around India. Each state of India celebratesDusshera in a unique manner. The auspicious day of Dussherameans a lot of delicious food, enjoyment, fun, dance etc. Dusshera is known with other name Durga Puja, Navrathri, Dasara, Vijay Dashmi etc. Dusshera is celebrated as the victory of Ram. Lord Rama killed demon Ravan for abducting the Goddess Sita. There are many stories and myth associate to this festival. And the story of Prince Rama is one of the popular. Lord Rama is ideal of Hindu because of their justice and following the way of truth. Ravan was killed by Rama as he abducted Goddess Gita wife of Rama.

happy dussehra images

Another story related to Dusshera celebration is about the deity of power and strength Durga who killed demon Mahisasur on this day. Mahisasur was blessed by Brahma with the boon to remain immortal. Since he already known that no one was able to kill him, he started to havoc and killing people without any reason. In order to save innocent from this Demon, Goddess Durga fought with him for 9 days continuously and on the 10th day killed him. Goddess Durga is marked as the sign of power and stamina. After nine days fasting, the 10th day fasting gets over and people celebrate it worshiping the GoddessDurga and Lord Rama. Since both of them killed the demons who were against the humanity, values and justice.

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Ramleela is performed all around the India to disperse the message of Love, Justice and faith. Ramleela goes ten days long along with Navratri. On the tenth day, Ram Killed Ravan, Megnadh and Kumbhkaran. And after the victory, he comes back to Ayodhya along with Laxman and Goddess Sita.
Navratri and Dussehra are associated with each-other. While Dusshera belongs to Lord Rama and Goddess Durga’s victory and Navratri remind us the nine days fighting between Durga and Mahisasur.  During Nine days fasting, huge pandals are erected in order to worship Goddess Durga with great enthusiasm. People chants Mantra, Aarti, Jagranetc to pay respect to Goddess Durga.
Happy Dussehra pics

Happy Dussehra photos

Happy Dussehra picture

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On the auspicious day of Dusshera, People step out along with their family to enjoy Ramleela. A great sound of joy can be heard when Lord Rama killed Ravan. The sky gets decorated with amazing and stunning fireworks. People play dance on the music. The sweets aredistributed among the neighbours. Children enjoy it most and buy the toys belongs to Ramleela. They also many types of swing in the fair. People return to home in the late night. After ten days, theNavratri and Dusshera celebration comes to end. But after it, Diwali preparation gets start. People get engaged in Diwali shopping, white wash, etc. Wish you a very happy Dusshera to you and your family.

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